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with over two decades of experience
in the dynamic Dubai market.

Founded by Japanese investors,
we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations
of our valued customers every day.
  • Professionalism

    Absolute professionalism is our standard.
    We accompany you step by step on your path.
  • On Site

    With our local contacts in Dubai, you always have competent support at your side.
  • Experience

    Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in the Dubai real estate market, you save time and money.
  • Satisfaction

    With a customer-oriented approach, we offer you a service that is perfectly tailored to your needs.
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A contact person on site and in your area
Here for you in Dubai
With our headquarters in Dubai, we can be reached locally at any time. Visit our office in Business Bay or we will be happy to meet you at your hotel or at your home.

Our tailor-made service supports you in any project. Whether you are looking for the ideal home, exploring an investment opportunity or need a customized real estate solution -
we are here for you.
Exclusive events worldwide every month
We understand that time is precious while on vacation or a business trip in Dubai. For this reason, we are present in major cities worldwide every month and organize events in collaboration with the most renowned property developers in Dubai. In this way, we enable you to receive non-binding, individual and professional advice directly in your city.
On site in Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK
We are available to answer any questions you may have regarding your property in Dubai or for general advice. Either visit us in our branch in Berlin, or let our mobile experts visit you anywhere in Europe.
We are flexible and adapt to your needs to offer you the best possible service.





Discover properties in Dubai
Our experts are coming to Germany to give you incredible insights about the
Dubai real estate market.
Our services
  • Property Search
    A prime investment opportunity, a property for a potential relocation or a luxury seaside holiday apartment in Dubai? You've come to the right place with us. Our local experts are always available to help you find the right property.
  • Financial Assistance
    Use our connections to local banks in Dubai for an effortless loan application - without being physically present on site. We will check your eligibility and let you know within 3 working days. Your mortgage pre-approval will be quick and easy once you submit the necessary documents.
  • Purchase Process
    Found your dream property? Let us take care of the purchasing process for you. We take care of all the formalities so that all you have to do is collect the keys.
    Your smooth path to home ownership.
  • Renovation
    Renovation or spatial changes planned? No problem! Leave the work to us. With our experience in renovations and interior design, we create your vision. Your project, our expertise.
  • Property Management
    Renting out your property in Dubai – whether long-term or short-term? We have the perfect contacts to support you in this process. Let's explore the best options together.
  • Golden Visa & Company Formation
    Get the 10-year Golden Visa with our support! We and our local partners are ready to help you set up a business and open an account. Your door to new opportunities.
Why Dubai?
Find out why Dubai is the ideal choice for investment, quality of life and growth.
  • Growth
    Dubai, a vibrant place of constant growth and progress. Not only dreams thrive here, but also business.
  • Security
    Rely on Dubai's excellent
    security standards to protect both business and personal needs - a city that exudes calm and confidence.
  • Geographical Location
    With a strategic geographical location between East and West, Dubai serves as a bridge for global business and offers unbeatable connectivity.
  • Business Hub
    As an international trade center, Dubai connects cultures and markets - your business benefits from the global accessibility of this dynamic city.
  • Tax free
    Experience financial freedom in Dubai, where no income tax, capital gains tax or VAT weighs on your profits.
  • Digitalization
    Amid the digital revolution, Dubai offers innovative technologies and digital infrastructure
    that will take your business into the future.
  • Health and Education
    Dubai offers world-class healthcare facilities and quality education - the ideal combination for a carefree life in this dynamic city.
  • 365 days of sun
    Enjoy year-round sunshine and create in an inspiring environment - Dubai, where work and quality of life go hand in hand.
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How much space does $1 million get you and where is the most expensive real estate market
in the world?

Monaco remains the most expensive market, but in 2022 buyers received two more square meters compared to the previous year.

New York (33 sqm) is overtaking
London (34 sqm) due to the strength of the US dollar, while Dubai
still offers affordable luxury with 44% annual price growth
- 105 sqm for $1 million
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